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Here at Smoke Shop 4, we firmly believe that sharing is caring. Invite your friends to our store and be rewarded as soon as they make their first order.

Discount 1: Refer 1 friend to us who will buy at least 1 time with us and you will receive 10% OFF on your orders LIFETIME!

Discount 2: Our repeat customers will also earn discounts. If you buy more than 2 times with us, you will receive 5% discount on all orders LIFETIME. If you buy more than 5 times with us, you will receive 10% OFF discount on all orders LIFETIME!

Discount 3: Orders worth $550 and above will qualify for discount. You will get $10 off when you make an order worth $550 and above.

How can I refer a friend?

You can use our website link and send invitations directly to your friends. When you refer a friend and he buys with us at least 1 time, you just need to give us his email address that he used while making a purchase with us and you will get your 10% OFF LIFETIME discount on all orders.

Will my referred friend benefit in any way?

Yes. When you refer a friend to us, if he mentions your email (and you were our customer before) he will get 5% discount on his first order.

WARNING TO CHEATERS: If you try to refer yourself or if we believe that you are doing something fishy just to get these discounts, we will just blacklist you, we will also blacklist and save your details in a file for future reference and order blocking. Thanks for understanding!

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