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Nature and its forms have always been the main research field and common denominator of the design by Serena Fanara, architect and designer from Milan, who has always designed original design elements handcrafted through the exclusive use of natural materials and plant-based plastic.

Behind every new project, there is always a deep research of innovative and environmentally friendly materials, a real creative path between design, making, art and architecture, in which traditional craftsmanship merges with the digital one through a distinctive creative and artistic imprint, to create objects with unique and original shapes.The craftsmanship, also allows to customize the products to meet the demands of customers, giving even more value to the uniqueness of the objects created, offering unique and innovative products thanks to the originality of the production system and the high quality of the materials used.

Of great impact are undoubtedly her lighting lines, the latest one in chronological order is “Nuvola” (“Cloud” in english), a lamp belonging to the “Enlighten meinstallations: large installations that revolve around the theme of light as a means of aggregation and play, capable of creating an environment where one can stop and let oneself be enlightened”.A lamp with a very low energy consumption that uses the filtering of paper to diffuse the light. This makes close contact possible, immerse oneself in the harmony of its light to live an experience of true relaxation.

A product of the highest design, 100% Made in Italy, made of waxed paper, a heat-resistant paper, long-lasting and easy to clean, waiting for you at SpazioTID showroom in Via Monte Pordoi, 8 in Baranzate, just outside Milan.In short, a real cloud ready to welcome the entire surrounding space and to give a feeling of peace and relaxation, thanks to the soft light that emanates.

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