Top Interior Design Trends of 2021

Last year was a long one, and most of us are grateful to say goodbye and welcome 2021 with new hope and anticipation. Just like every new year, the year 2021 brings a chance for a clean slate, new joys, and experiences. Perhaps this is also the time to refresh your home with a more unique design, color, and textures to enhance the new year’s freshness. 

This is why we have rounded up some of the best interior design trends of 2021 to inspire you and help you find new interior design styles just for this year. 

1. Be Close to Nature

Staying indoors for long periods of time during the year 2020 has made many of us crave the beautiful outdoor world. That is why many people started gardening as a hobby during the year and made nature part of their home. 

The trend will continue this year, with homeowners turning their small balconies and yards into a place where they can showcase their green thumb. 

To do the same, add a few plants to your balcony. If you lack space, put up a few indoor plants inside your home that will not only give your home a nature boost – but also purify the indoor air and make it more breathable. Pick something that is easy to maintain, like a money plant or a succulent. 

And if all fails, turn your desk towards the window or open up the curtains so you can catch a glimpse of nature as you work from home. 

2. Decorative Screens

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Homes have become multifunctional over the past year. It has now doubled into workplace, school, and even place to vacation – thanks to the lockdown in most parts of the world. While spending time at home with loved ones is a blessing, the lack of privacy is not!

This is where decorative screens come in. With homes evolved into double – and even triple roles, screens help break up open plan home spaces into small areas of privacy. 

Screens also add a decorative element to the room and make it look more attractive. 

3. Color Scheme

Gray will be the color of 2021, with the various shades of the cool color bringing out the modernity in elegant living spaces. 

The greatest thing about the color gray is that it can harmonize with any other color. Be it pastel shades or bright, fierce colors like red and orange – the gray will combine with any to bring out the character of the interior. 

Another color palette used to create living spaces is the combination of neutral tones brown, beige, green, pale blue, and white. The colors create a calm ambiance in any room and go with all types of furniture, including wood and metal.

4. Maximalism Design

According to the infographic above by ConservatoryBlinds4Less, the maximalism design trend is making a comeback in all countries. In fact, it is the third most searched interior design trend in the UK and the second in the USA and Europe. 

Unlike minimalist, maximalist design trend follows a loud protocol and comprises mixed patterns, bold colors, and modern abstracts. 

But here is the thing: maximalism is not about filling up every nook of the house—instead, it’s about combining bold colors and patterns in a way that it presents a quirky look. 


Some examples of maximalist design include wallpaper on a ceiling, graphic cushions, and frame-filled walls. 

5. Vacay-Style

We are all yearning for a stress-free vacation, and bringing it home is the best way to reminisce about the time spent on a beach.  Along with the greenery that you add to your home, add the colors of tropical flowers and seashores to bring the outside indoors

Some of the elements that make up Hawaiin style interiors are colors that replicate the ocean, tropical plants, and flowers. Furnishing should be made up of native wood or organic material like bamboo, seagrass, and cane. 

You can also find accents to go with your vacation-inspired decor in floral prints, palm trees, seashells, and pineapples. 

6. Snuggle Space

Add snug spaces in your place to make a comfortable place to relax. Throw in texture, like linens and wool on sofas and armchairs to create a warm place for relaxation and warmth. 

Keep lots of cushions on the chair and light up some candles for the right snuggle on a cold night.

7. Shabby Interior

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Another design trend that is very popular around the world is a shabby but chic interior. The timeless trends optimize on faded materials and an unrefined sense of luxury. To create such a place, combine some new buys with the finds from a thrift store for a fringed look. 

Look for decorative accessories such as chandeliers, mirrors, and furniture that have aged with grace. Opt for pieces that feel lived-in instead of old. Faded fabrics, chipped paintwork, and blemishes all add to the charm of the latest design trend that is called the shabby chic.

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