The best scented candles for spring

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Despite a brief return to sleet and snow last week, spring is here – and that means it’s time for my seasonal round-up of the best scented candles. For me candles aren’t just a winter thing, and I love selecting fragrances that suit my mood and the season. Around now I start swapping the smoky, spicy notes that I tend to favour during the colder months for lighter scents that breath a bit of freshness into the house, and I’ve picked out 21 of my favourites below.

The ever-increasing array of candles on the market nowadays means narrowing down the choice can be tricky, so I’ve focused on the kind of thing that appeals to me at this time of year. There are delicate florals evoking blossom and wildflower-filled woodland, clean blends inspired by laundry billowing in the breeze, aqueous fragrances that speak of refreshing spring rain showers, and invigorating scents created to uplift and revitalise after the long, dark winter. What’s more, almost all the candles I’ve included are produced using natural wax and hand-made by small, independent businesses. I hope you find something you like!

The best scented candles for spring | These Four Walls blog
  1. ‘Sakura Blossom’ candle by Aery Living (£28; also available as a reed diffuser) – a delicate scent inspired by the Japanese cherry blossom season, with lively notes of citrus, peach and red berries
  2. ‘One Rainy Wish’ candle by Tatine, available via Osmology (£20) – the subtle fragrance of raindrops falling on blossoming roses, with touches of zingy bergamot and earthy cedar
  3. ‘Petit Grain 21’ candle by Le Labo (£63; also available as a room spay) – an orange-blossom scent with luscious green undertones that transports you straight to the gardens of Seville
  4. ‘Peony & Blush Suede’ candle by OLIV (£14.95 for a small jar or £29.95 for a large one) – a timeless array of spring florals, with notes of peony, jasmine, rose, carnation, red apple and powdery suede
  5. ‘REGN – After The Rainfall’ candle by Skandinavisk (£19 for a small jar or £35 for a large one) – a cool, green and rejuvenating scent with aromas of wet grass, misted peony and damp earth
  6. ‘Euphoria’ candle by ROEN, available via Osmology (£29) – a limited-edition fragrance inspired by springtime in the Silver Lake neighbourhood of Los Angeles, with cascading blossom and bougainvillea over sweet vanilla and soft white musk
  7. ‘Verdant’ candle by SOH Melbourne, available via Osmology (£62) – clean notes of jasmine, iris, lime and sea salt that conjure up spring flowers and freshly cut grass
  8. ‘Cherry Blossom’ candle by Urban Apothecary (£40) – a light combination of cherry blossom, muguet, jasmine, pink melon, apple and white musk, creating the effect of perfumed flower-water
  9. ‘Linen’ candle by FieldDay (£8.95 for a small jar or £20.95 for a large one) – a comforting blend of lavender, geranium and rosemary, capturing the scent of fresh linen stacked in a laundry cupboard. Comes complete with a wildflower-seed paper lid to grow after use
  10. ‘Flora’ candle by Essence + Alchemy (£50; refills available) – layers of elegant florals and vibrant citrus over a sensual base of ylang ylang, named after and inspired by the Roman goddess of flowers, fertility and spring
  11. ‘Amara’ candle by Cedar Lifestyle (£22 for a small jar or £32 for a large one) – a nourishing, uplifting and evocative blend of neroli, bergamot, basil and palma rosa, balanced by fresh hints of woody cedar
  12. ‘Bright Eyes’ candle by FOS (CA$26 for a small jar or CA$38 for a large one) – mood-boosting layers of peppermint, bergamot, juniper berry and balsam, inspired by the Japanese practice of forest bathing
  13. Japanese Yuzu’ candle by Harvest Skincare (£32) – a refined citrus fragrance with grapefruit and mandarin, created to cleanse the air, refresh the body and calm the mind
  14. ‘Sweet Orange & Jasmine’ candle by Maren & Wild (£16 for a small jar or £22 for a large one) – a warming, Mediterranean-inspired mix of jasmine, orange blossom and bergamot, rounded off by a woody cedarwood and oakmoss base
  15. ‘Galbanum & Peppermint’ candle by Plum & Ashby (£30) – a zingy, refreshing medley of mint, lemon, tomato leaf, green galbanum, eucalyptus and moss, reminiscent of a wander through a kitchen garden bursting with spring life  
  16. ‘Sisu Bouquet’ candle by Amoln (€65) – a celebration of Finland’s national flower, lily of the valley, with saffron, wild hyacinth, moss and green leaves inspired by the woodland glades where it blooms each spring
  17. ‘Flore’ candle by Evermore London (£36 for a medium jar or £60 for a large one) – layers of lilac and orange blossom over a base of clove, heliotrope and ylang ylang, evoking a haze of spring flowers amid the morning mist
  18. ‘Fresh Linen’ candle by Helm London (£29) – a clean, uplifting scent that fills your home with the smell of crisp white sheets fluttering in the breeze
  19. As The Sun Rises’ candle by Aather (£30) – bergamot, lemon and grapefruit entwined with geranium and orange flower, evoking the sweet freshness of early spring mornings and the promise of a new day
  20. ‘Ver’ candle by Essence + Alchemy (£30; refills available) – a blend of green sage leaf, wild lavender, bergamot and blossoming trees that captures the sleepy awakening of the season
  21. ‘Eminence’ candle by Beloit (£17 for a standard jar or £9.50 for a travel tin) – deep, woody notes offset by refreshing lilac, reminiscent of Iceland’s serene lakes and idyllic green mountains
Blossom branches | The best scented candles for spring | These Four Walls blog

Top and bottom images by Abi Dare; all other photography via the respective brands above

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