The best scented candles for autumn

The best scented candles for autumn | These Four Walls blog

Now that October is in full swing, it’s time for my updated round-up of the best scented candles for autumn. I have a year-round obsession with candles, but there’s something particularly special about lighting them as the days grow shorter and the nights longer – in fact I tend to have one or another flickering away from the moment I wake up until I head back to bed again. Not only does it make the gloomy mornings and chilly temperatures that much easier to bear, it also helps me get in the mood for sweater weather, falling leaves and other seasonal joys.

Below, you’ll find 21 of my personal fall favourites – some new, some not so new. Most come from independent makers or small businesses, and almost all are made using natural wax. I’ve focused on the kind of scents that appeal to me at this time of year – smoky blends that conjure up crackling log fires, earthy aromas that remind me of moss-covered autumn woodland, nurturing fragrances that are ideal for cosy nights at home – and I’ve avoided anything overly sweet or cloying. Just scroll down to see my picks…

The best scented candles for autumn | These Four Walls blog

  1. ‘After the Walk’ candle by Aather (£30) – a cosy cocoon of birch, cade, amber and sandalwood, conjuring up a lazy afternoon by the fire after a chilly autumn stroll
  2. ‘Oakwood + Tobacco’ candle by Hobo + Co (£28 for a large jar, £20 for a medium one or £10.50 for a travel tin; also available as a reed diffuser) – a deep and warming yet far from heavy blend of smoky oakwood and musky tobacco
  3. ‘Harvest Moon’ candle by NOA (£14) – an evocative mix of dark tobacco, warm honey, clove and musk inspired by the autumn equinox
  4. ‘Woodland’ aromatherapy candle by Ash + Ember (£20) – notes of frankincense, sweet juniper, pine and bergamot that transport you deep into a calming woodland
  5. ‘Smoke’ candle by Essence + Alchemy (£50) – spices, florals and fresh conifer over a rich smoky base, capturing the aroma of autumn trees entwined with wisps from distant fires
  6. ‘Fern + Moss’ candle by Brooklyn Candle Studio (£32) – a green, gently woody scent with notes of sage, lavender, spruce, pine, oakmoss, lavandin and orange
  7. ‘Nordic Cedar’ candle by Aery (£29) – a combination of cedar, cinnamon, pink pepper and bergamot that’s reminiscent of thick woodland and cosy log cabins, with patchouli and nutmeg to relieve stress and orange to lift your mood
  8. ‘One Evening’ candle by Our Lovely Goods (£50 for a large jar or £20 for a medium one) – a blend of cedarwood, jasmine and thyme, created for cosy evenings at home as the days grow shorter and the nights longer
  9. ‘Tuscan Leather’ candle by OLIV (£49 for a large jar or £12 for a smaller one; also available as a reed diffuser) – tranquil, comforting and gently musky layers of Italian leather, velvety suede and smoked tan
  10. ‘Shinrin-Yoku’ candle by Earl of East (£20) – an earthy blend of cedarwood, oakmoss and black pepper, inspired by the Japanese ritual of forest bathing
  11. ‘Embers’ candle by Cedar (£32 for a large jar or £22 for a smaller one) – layers of cedarwood, frankincense, cinnamon and vanilla, evoking smouldering fires, warm memories and past emotions
  12. ‘Temple of Leaves’ candle by Tatine (£39) – a blend of smoky, woody and green elements (hinoki, Japanese cypress, sandalwood, musk, patchouli) that transports you to a temple garden laden with golden autumn leaves
  13. ‘Santal 26’ candle by Le Labo (£60) – a gentle, leathery and lingering scent reminiscent of a fireside armchair
  14. ‘Autumn Fig’ candle by Harvest (£30) – a nurturing, grounding fragrance with sweet fruit over cedar, vetiver and crisp anise, evoking walks through rusty autumn leaves
  15. ‘HYGGE’ candle by Skandinavisk (£35 for a large jar or £19 for a small one; also available as a reed diffuser) – an intimate mix of tea, baked strawberry cake, rose petals and wild mint, based around the Danish concept of hygge
  16. ‘Oakmoss’ candle by The White Company (£20) – earthy oakmoss with layers of warming sandalwood and amber, capturing the return home from a crisp Sunday-afternoon walk as the sun dips below the horizon
  17. ‘Stone / Steinn’ candle by Still London (£38) – a dark, smoky and intriguing blend of birch, black spruce, tar, fir needle, pine, May Chang, earth and stone, inspired by the lava-formed landscapes of Iceland
  18. ‘Grove’ candle by Evermore London (£60 for a large jar or £35 for a smaller one) – notes of pine needle, eucalyptus and silver fir over a base of green moss, evoking damp trees after autumn rain
  19. ‘Autumn Leaves’ candle by NOA (£14) – a blend of amber, sweet vanilla, sandalwood and coriander, conjuring up the aroma of auburn leaves as they fall from the branches
  20. ‘Autumna’ candle by Essence + Alchemy (£30) – sweet autumn fruits entwined with warming spices and rich earthy notes, blended to help you slow down and embrace the changing seasons
  21. ‘Smoke’ candle by Evermore London (£60 for a large jar or £35 for a smaller one) – birch tar, cadamom and cedar with hints of geranium and bay, inspired by dancing fireside shadows

Frosty autumn leaves | These Four Walls blog

(P.S. I always like to celebrate the joys of whichever season I’m experiencing, but if you’d prefer a bit of escapism you’ll find my round-up of scented candles for summer here).

Autumn leaves image by Abi Dare; all other photography via the brands above

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