Irregolare Studio Design: a new collection of lamps

Irregolare Studio Design is a lighting and home accessories brand founded in 2013 from an idea of two friends: Nicolò Zavagno and Mauro Ferrandi.

A design studio that develops starting from the delicate relationship between useful and accessible design. Suggestive pendant lamps, elegant plays of materials and lights and refined geometries that give life to new trends and shapes.

In an era where globalization is the master, their collections stand out for their ideas, quality and deep, almost maniacal, attention to detail.

An example of this collection is Hypnose, a sphere made entirely of glass by designer Mauro Ferrandi. Without a doubt, thepurity and thesimplicity of its structure hypnotizes and invites to create suggestive and enchanting games and waterfalls of light. The final effect is made even more spectacular if the wires are hung at different heights, arousing a unique and unexpected dynamism.

Minimal and slim is instead Sick, apendant lamp made by hand of wood and powder-coated steel. Once again, the simplicity of the geometry wins the eye of the observer, making it perfect in any environment. It is available in two colors: white metal and beech or black metal and beech.

A much appreciated piece of the collection is certainly Pestrin, apendant lamp, whose name derives from the Venetian dialect and indicates the place of distribution of milk. The shape of the lamp recalls the container used to transport milk from the “pestrin” (the place where the milk was served) to the house. The materials used also retain a spirit now past, managing to merge porcelain and wood.

And finally there is Vidon, which in Friulian means “great vine” and whose shape takes its inspiration from the vine of the presses used in the process of pressing the grapes. Made entirely of colored ceramic with a matching textile cable, the lamp can be created in two different lengths: 5 and 1.8 mt.

Lamps that can create a perfect combination of materials, transparencies and geometries. Key words: purity and simplicity.

The entire collection is available on the online shop of TID – The Interior Design

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