Gio Minelli and his design work between art, interior and industrial design

Gio Minelli combines, in his projects, his artistic roots with the technologies and research typical of industrial design.

He starts from a first more artistic, expressive, gestural, and in some cases even almost pictorial approach, which translates, in a second moment, into the material realization of the actual project.

Like his “Anomalie” collection, which develops from a gesture of rebellion. A rebellion seen as the only expressive gesture, even in the materials that make up the object, which shape, take on new features, while keeping their function intact.

A collection, born in 2004, of small tables, chairs and consoles made entirely of mirror polished stainless steel.

The breaking of patterns is represented by the legs that, with a harmonious movement, impose their presence invading the space of the supporting surface to fully express themselves in a dance of curves.

The line, although simple and essential, is charged with a strong dynamism that gives a completely new shape and structure.

The harmony created by the rebellion of the elements may seem like a real contradiction, but in reality it gives an extreme balance to the final composition. A perfect dynamism, full of elegance and simplicity, for a truly unique collection.

This is not the first collection for the designer, who had already got involved in 2002, experimenting with some pieces in a limited series.

In that case, liquid-painted harmonic steel seats were created. Seats on the borderline between art and design, made comfortable thanks to the harmonic steel that bends to suit the person seated.

A collection born as experimentation of materials and inspirations where there are neither edges nor corners and where the lines are pure and essential. At the base, also in this case, there is a search for dynamism, in which the curved shape takes possession of the scene.

INFO/PHOTO COURTESY: Gio Minelli; TID-The Interior Design

Content curator: Chiara Mattavelli

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