Classic, luxury and contemporary interiors in Thailand

This interior design project by MEPITREE Studio takes origin from their clients’ desires. They wished to have a unique design and decorations representing their personalities.We created this project selecting the best and gorgeous details in decoration to design the most beautiful and priceless space that we as MEPITREE can supply to our clients”

The Studio inspiration came from classic architecture and it is featured by unique, neat and beautiful decorations, a combination of their clients’s individual moods: an euphemistic and sober allusion to the snow princess and a kind of Harley-Davidson motorcycle allure. The result is a sense of elegance and magnificence at the same time. Materials and decorations reflect their clients’ personalities.

Their clients desired a stunning glance already at the the entrance of the house. The Studio started from the sunlight through the trees and its reflection at the mirror. Looking up, the ceiling is decorated with neat and artistic elements. Before entering the main part of the house, the house foyer, designed with a light and dark grey contrast color scheme, reserve all guests a sophisticated welcome area.

The ground floor is where everybody in family can enjoy activities together: living room, relax room, dining room, and pantry bar. All these rooms were designed to be harmoniously connected to the same conceptual idea: a warm and delightful atmosphere, yet rich of luxury elements. Here the designers chosen moldings and details, adding the gimmick of wall decoration to a light and dark grey color scheme and a gold mirror in a feature spot in each area. Every element combines together perfectly adding charm to the house.

The working room is designed in a dark main color scheme, adding brass pins and a molding teak for a stately atmosphere, different from other areas of the house.

In the upper floor of the house you can find the master bedroom, a guest room and the family room. The master bedroom is positioned in front of the house. The interior decoration such as pattern of moldings teak, ceiling and wall decorated and particular light teak headboard with warm light make the room warm and calm, the most special one in this house.

The highlight in the guest room is double window, exposed to light and wind, which takes a view of the outside all the day long. For this reason, the Studio used materials and elements with a light color scheme to get a comfort feeling for this room.

The family room is designed according to their clients, who like Japanese architecture and its warm and relaxing atmosphere. They used a pine wood covering and a light color scheme to create a different feeling and atmosphere from other areas of the house.

Interior Design Project by MEPITREE DESIGN STUDIO, Thailand
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

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