Change the time, shape the clock!

The funny furniture project by designer Layla Mehdi Pour

Developing the concept of an object is not easy. It is necessary to mix the right irony, versatility and innovation to obtain a product that is functional but at the same time whimsical and never banal. The Iranian-born designer Layla Mehdi Pour has based her Sophie watch collection with fun, color and extreme adaptability.

The choice of name is not random. The explicit reference is to the protagonist of the cartoon Howl’s Moving Castle who managed to change her appearance according to her feelings. This reminds us of the changes of time, how it is never replicable and always different. Often the perception we have of the passage of time is subjective and changes with the variation of our feelings.

It is a plexiglass wall clock composed of two superimposed surfaces with 12 lines each. The lower dial is fixed to the mechanism of the clock but the upper one can be rotated at will. Thanks to its modest dimensions (35×28 cm) and the wide range of colors in which it is available, it can be easily inserted into existing furnishings.

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