Anacleto Spazzapan: mathematical logic at the service of design

A multifaceted artist, Anacleto Spazzapan is a designer/artist who has made the concept of logic and mathematical progression the secret of contemporary design; the focusalways remains the function of the object itself, embellished and lightened by a more frivolous and amusing appearance.

For the artist the ideal object is that which can be produced in a few minutes, with a single piece of a single material, which weighs zero, which has no volume, with a construction without cost, which has no equal and is comfortable and beautiful.

A crucial aspect that goes hand in hand with another fundamental gift: the stubbornness that leads him to create unique, colorful and extravagant shapes.In a world in constant evolution like that of design and architecture, there is a return to artisan origins. His daily challenge is to produce elements with a unique and original design for everyday use using a rather difficult material such as the iron rod: his trademark.

A material, iron, that brought him to Indonesia from where the inspiration to create a unique collection of furniture and design characterized by strong aesthetic and functional properties was born.

His creations, which at first glance may seem light and delicate, are instead absolutely resistant, extremely functional and decidedly in step with the times, which differ in originality and creativity, as well as uniqueness.

Anacleto Spazzapan thus demonstrates an interest in the origins of craftsmanship, offering unique but at the same time functional design elements. He also pays great attention to materials, to their resistance and reaction during processing, which emerge as guidelines during his work.

Anyone who admires his works will have the opportunity to discover a design that reflects style and taste, a timeless and ageless product. The color catches the eye and the ergonomic study of the design furnishings makes us forget that the material at the base of the structure is iron… a poor material but that, if embellished by creative genius, can offer unexpected results.

Unique, colorful and extravagant shapes that await you at SpazioTID showroom, in Via Monte Pordoi, 8 in Baranzate, a stone’s throw from Milan.

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