Elements of Style – Our Renovation: The Laundry Room

Next up on the list of plans for the renovation is the laundry room! It is currently upstairs by Andrew’s office, and it will be moving into a space that encompasses my current walk in closet and the closet within our current laundry room.

Current layout/ demo plan

A pocket door will access this space from the top of the stairs and SOMEDAY we’ll turn the window in the laundry room to a glass door out onto a roof deck, as it overlooks a flat roof that we want to utilize in the future as a place to relax and look at the trees (and maybe hide from our kids).

New layout

The elevations have changed slightly since we drew this- there will be no cabinetry over the washer dryer, just a long drying rod (I hang a lot to dry) and wallpaper behind there, not tile.

Faucet is missing but you get the idea 🙂

For style, I’m hoping to do these paneled cabinet doors and since I have neutral or green everywhere else, I’m trying to go blue in here. But there is a version of this that is all neutral as well so we’ll just have to wait and see how I feel… Honestly, I’m still designing this room, but I’m pretty confident in the limestone herringbone floors and the cabinetry – which are the decisions that have to come right away!

Flooring // washer & dryer // backsplash // wallpaper // countertop // faucet // flushmount // cabinet color

Stay tuned on our IG @eostagsale as I sell some good stuff as we prepare to move out! Washer/dryer, Emma’s AMAZING custom nursery curtains, some furniture and more!

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