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Here at jiggasstore, we firmly believe that sharing is caring. Invite your friends to our store and be rewarded as soon as they make their first order. Discount 1: Refer 1 friend to us who will buy at least 1 time with us and you will receive 10% OFF on your orders LIFETIME! Discount 2: Our repeat customers will also…

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Ketamine for major depression: New tool, new questions

Ketamine was once used mainly as an anesthetic on battlefields and in operating rooms. Now this medication is gaining ground as a promising treatment for some cases of major depression, which is the leading cause of disability worldwide. In the US, recent estimates show 16 million adults had an episode of major depression in the course of a year. Suicide…

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Dream Market Alternative

Dream Market Alternative – Dream Market, one of the largest darkweb marketplaces of all time, will be shutting down in April 2019, according to an announcement posted by the market’s staff members. (source: ) We want to add a couple of words here. As many of you already know, we were on darkweb since 2012, we’be been on original Silk…

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